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A Message from Live Baltimore's Executive Director

Steve Gondol, Executive Director

Amidst the standard information requested from anyone who creates a profile on our website, registers for one of our events, or donates to us, is a simple and open-ended question: Why Baltimore?

The unrest and associated riots that occurred in late-April left many residents and leaders looking for answers to this query, myself included.

While I have prided our staff on their ability to direct people toward money-saving resources, to recite the unique attributes of the Highlandtown and Howard Park, Hamilton and Hunting Ridge neighborhoods, and to inspire others to “heart” city life—for the first time I had no answer for, “what now?”

For 18 years we’ve championed city life, extolling the values of walkability and affordability. We’ve launched new programs to support employers’ and employees’ interest in Live Near Your Work and for families to discover a “Way To Stay”’—all the while continuing our core work of promoting Baltimore City as the location of choice for residential living. In one day, I wondered if all of these accomplishments had been undone. As the city’s cheerleader, I felt defeated.

Why, Baltimore?

But then, what followed shocked even us:

  • Registration for our Buying Into Baltimore event (scheduled just two weeks post-riot) surged, with most people committing after the unrest.
  • May home sales statistics countered every negative prediction, exceeding the previous year’s stats (a trend which would continue each month of the summer).
  • Families responded to our “Way to Stay” programming with greater vigor for their commitments of remaining in the city.
  • Employers and employees bolstered their desire to grow city residency from within their own ranks—evidenced by the number of individuals using Live Near Your Work incentives and companies joining or renewing their support of the program.

These outcomes confirmed why Live Baltimore is even more relevant in today’s city. Our actions, which I’m proud to share in this annual report, more than any words I could have shared this past spring, or even in this letter, speak volumes about our impact on Baltimore, its neighborhoods, and most importantly the residents to whom I owe an incredible amount of gratitude. Thank you for showing this diehard supporter of our city, “Why Baltimore?“ once again.

–Steven Gondol, Executive Director

A Message from Live Baltimore’s President of the Board

Stacie Tobin, President of the Board

In a year that caused all of Baltimore to reflect on our city’s past, present and future, Live Baltimore has undergone its own self-assessment and asked: do our initiatives represent the best steps for helping to grow the city’s population? Are we using our resources effectively, providing assistance to those who need it to become homeowners and anchor our communities? And, are we communicating honestly and persuasively with the public about what is wonderful about city life and our aspirations for how it can become better for all?

To answer those questions, we’ve taken a deep dive into the data to look closely at who Live Baltimore’s customers are (and who they are not). We have also benefitted from our participation in the Grow Baltimore initiative, which produced a substantial body of data and conclusions regarding who is migrating into, out of, and within Baltimore City, and why. We’re relying on the data in lots of ways, but perhaps most visibly through our new “Way to Stay” family retention initiative, which provides expansive information about family-friendly neighborhoods, city schools, and other resources important to residents with children. As part of that initiative, Live Baltimore has held a number of weekend coffee events for families who have found themselves on the waitlist for charter schools so that we can talk to them about other options for schools in the city.

We began managing, through a lottery process, the two incentive programs that Baltimore City Housing offers in conjunction with our organization. To encourage those thinking of buying a home to do so in the city, with the assistance of available incentive programs, we continued to conduct twice-yearly “Buying Into Baltimore” events and quarterly “City Living Starts Here” tours of individual neighborhoods. And when the naysayers told us that no one would choose to buy a home in the city because of conflict here, we relied on data—facts —to show them that people are still buying homes here, that home sales are up, and in many cases prices are up, too.

Finally, we began a happy hour series, hosted monthly by a Live Baltimore board member, to showcase local businesses, arts institutions, and other neighborhood sites of interest. We believe that informal events like this, which showcase the best of our city, our neighbors, and our institutions, are why people want to live in Baltimore now and into the future. (Check our website for the next event and come join us.)

We are optimistic that a renewed vigor and scrutiny in our city will provide for a brighter future, a more vibrant population, and an opportunity for happy and healthy neighborhoods for all. Change may come more slowly than we would like, but at Live Baltimore we are proud to be part of that change. We hope you will continue to support our work in whatever way you can and help us build an even greater city in the coming years.

–Stacie Tobin, President of the Board

Dedicated Live Baltimore Volunteers! :)

Loving Our City Through Thick and Thin

Our 2014 annual report extoled the opportunity to shape perceptions of our city as it took to the national stage for its War of 1812 celebrations. But in late FY 2015, defending Baltimore, the quality of its neighborhoods, and the character of its residents became a necessity rather than choice. Live Baltimore’s broad reach, to communities all across the city, has never been more important to us.

From Live Baltimore’s perspective, we’re pleased to share that our challenges were not insurmountable in 2015. We remained as committed to promoting Baltimore as a residential destination of choice in latter part of our fiscal year as we were in the first 8 months and 26 days. And even in tough times, we stood fast, holding our spring homebuying fair, Buying Into Baltimore, at Edmondson Westside High School on May 9th, 2015.

To the readers of this report, thank you. Thank you for donating, volunteering, attending our events, collaborating with us, and being a friend to our organization in this eighteenth year of our work to grow Baltimore. Without your time, financial support, referrals of new residents, and everything else that you do, the results detailed in this publication would not be possible.


Our Approach in 2015

I Love City Life balloons

Live Baltimore stepped up to the plate in a whole new way in FY 2015, as the organization delved even deeper into Baltimore’s growth strategies. We worked to balance new initiatives with time-honored tactics — serving additional audiences AND improving our level of service overall.

We led.
When customer feedback suggested the intake process for Buying Into Baltimore and City Living Starts Here incentives could be improved, Live Baltimore jumped into action. Our team wrote a plan to eliminate the dangerously competitive climate created by the long-standing, “first come, first served” method of award distribution, while also ensuring fairness to all buyers. With approval from the city, a new lottery system put Live Baltimore’s staff in control of homebuyers’ experiences from start to finish for the first time, as we took over responsibility for application collection, award selection, winner notification, and waitlist monitoring. Since the change, satisfaction levels among incentive applicants have soared AND we’re seeing higher utilization rates than in any year prior.
We served.
Live Baltimore has eagerly supported the Mayor’s plan to increase Baltimore’s population by 10,000 families. And throughout FY 2015, we were pleased to do so in an official capacity. Along with the Goldseker Foundation, Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance, Baltimore Housing, and other city departments, our leadership served on the Grow Baltimore Committee. Conversations led to research, which ultimately led to a series of official recommendations to the Mayor. On May 21st, Live Baltimore presented its findings and program outcomes to the media, city officials, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, and other stakeholders at a symposium hosted by the Goldseker Foundation at University of Baltimore.
We launched.
After more than a year of research, Live Baltimore’s “Way to Stay” web portal went live to the public in February of 2015. Site features include the only publically available public elementary school zone map, public elementary school profiles, charter school information, independent school information, a list of “Five Star Family Neighborhoods,” and links to family organizations. In its first five months, “Way to Stay” content had over 11,000 unique pageviews, averaging more than 1,600 per month. The program and related website have garnered media attention from The Baltimore Sun, The Maryland Daily Record, The Baltimore Business Journal, Baltimore's Child Magazine, Baltimore Fishbowl, WYPR 88.1 FM, NPR News, and CBS/WJZ-TV.
We informed.
With some calling the Resident Retention Tax Credit a carryover of the Homestead Tax Credit, many were left wondering, “what does this mean to my family?” Drawing on research gathered through the Grow Baltimore initiative, Live Baltimore selected Canton (a neighborhood revealed to have one of the highest rates of real estate turnover and the lowest rates of resident retention) as the site of the city’s first ever Resident Retention Tax Credit Workshop. In partnership with the Department of Finance, our staff presented details on the qualifications and application process to a packed room of eager second-time city buyers. At the end of the fiscal year, 33% of residents utilizing the credit learned about it through Live Baltimore’s event outreach.
We responded.
Following the unrest that shook Baltimore in April, both local and national media were eager to point fingers at cracks in our city’s foundation. So, when May’s housing numbers showed not only stability—but growth—Live Baltimore got busy. Through an ad campaign featuring the headline, “You won’t believe what happened in Baltimore this May,” we publicized the double-digit increase in home sales the city experienced along with our commentary and insight into the data. With gains continuing through June and July, we stayed on message, telling all who would listen: the state of the city’s homebuying market is strong!

"Belair-Edison is the best kept secret in Baltimore. You’re 3 miles from the harbor, 3 blocks from the park, 2 blocks from the golf course and there’s beautiful walking.”

Robert Dawson
Live Baltimore is one of only twelve urban residential marketing organizations nationwide. Our incomparable online resources, including detailed neighborhood profiles; searchable financial incentives; and Neighborhood Know-It-All feature, paired with our personalized staff assistance, give Baltimore City a competitive advantage among its peers.

Highlighting Our Work

From Portland to Baltimore: The Dawsons’ Journey

Live Baltimore prides itself on serving not only as a local relocation resource, but as a national one as well. (For the second year in a row, our staff has assisted movers from more than 40 states.)

Mark Parker

This national reach is perhaps no better personified than by Robert and Judy Dawson, who moved to Baltimore from Portland, Oregon this February after more than two years of in-depth research.

When choosing a city for retirement, Judy says, “I knew I had to have world class healthcare.” So she started there — investigating Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and parts of North Carolina.

“I stumbled on Baltimore on the Internet. Live Baltimore’s site came up. I went directly there and I never left,” recalls Judy. “Live Baltimore opened my mind. The website set up is wonderful!”

While online tools were a jumping off point, the Dawsons say Live Baltimore’s staff sealed the deal on their move during a cross-country visit. “People from Live Baltimore were waiting to meet us at Buying Into Baltimore, which made us feel great,” says Judy. “I could trust that I had a professional contact with a comprehensive plan for me.”

After committing to Baltimore, there was the business of finding a neighborhood. Through Live Baltimore, the Dawsons discovered Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. and St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center. “We wanted urban life,” says Judy, “but I’m too old to completely pioneer a neighborhood.”

“We picked Belair-Edison because it’s going to grow,” says Robert, as he brags about the adjacent trails at Herring Run Park, Clifton Golf Course, and walking path at Lake Montebello (where you can find him and his two German shepherds often).

Working with Live Baltimore partner agent, Kim Lally, and partner lender Jon Wald, the Dawsons were able to secure over $30,000 in incentives toward their Belair-Edison home purchase (yet another key selling point for this couple on a fixed income).

To other retirees considering Baltimore, Judy says, “you’ll be welcomed with open arms. People are excited to see you moving in!”

In addition, the Dawsons say they consider Baltimore “an opportunity for adventure that’s affordable. The whole Mid-Atlantic has exciting things going on. You can get to DC for 8 bucks!”

World class healthcare, affordable real estate, property tax incentives for seniors…the list of positives the Dawsons see in Baltimore goes on and on.

“Our friends thought we were nuts,” Judy says with a chuckle. “All they knew was The Wire.” Now, as the Dawsons put finishing touches on its décor, they’re proud to share that there’s a waiting list of visitors for their guest room.

More than 3500 elementary school students are waitlisted in Baltimore’s charter school lottery each year. Without intervention, many of these children’s families leave the city. In FY 2015, Live Baltimore became the first organization to provide outreach and additional resources to these residents—showing them the Way to Stay!

Highlighting Our Work

Way to Stay Coffees Connect Families to School Options

When Nykia Jackson received notice that her son, Zion, had been waitlisted at her charter school of choice, she was disappointed to say the least. Luckily for Nykia, her family was one of over 500 to receive intervention in 2015 through Live Baltimore’s pilot, charter school waitlist event.

housing fair

After receiving an invitation by mail, Nykia and more than 50 other waitlisted families gathered in Live Baltimore’s office space on March 21st—joined by partner organizations like Greater Homewood Community Corporation and Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance, teachers, community school coordinators, and parents of enrolled children from a variety of Baltimore’s public elementary schools.

Over coffee and donuts, the group listened to a presentation about the newly available “Way to Stay” resources on and got information about the variety of public, private, and charter options still available to them for the coming school year.

Although Nykia and her son’s father had already done extensive research into school options for Zion, the event served to educate the family in a number of new areas. Most importantly, it connected Nykia to advocates for Barclay Elementary Middle School—where Zion would later enroll.

As an employee of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Nykia knew Hopkins was investing in schools, but she had no idea which ones.

“Hearing that Barclay was one of those schools at the event and learning more about its STEM program made me take a look,” recounts Nykia. “Once we decided to enroll, Barclay was great in helping us to facilitate the [transfer] process.”

When asked about the Way to Stay event, Nykia shares, “I learned a lot from attending the event—especially about the flaws in the [] rating system. Numbers can say one thing, and talking to people can truly give you a different perspective.”

With Zion now enrolled at Barclay, leaving the city is off the table (at least for now). Nykia’s family is optimistic about their future at Barclay and planning to remain in their Perring Loch home for years to come.

" Numbers can say one thing, and talking to people can truly give you a different perspective.”

Nykia Jackson

"As a leader of a university in downtown Baltimore, it was important to me to say with authority, ‘I live in the city.”

Dean Roger Hartley
Live Baltimore’s newly launched Way to Stay web portal allows visitors to connect their interest in public zoned elementary schools to their interest in Baltimore’s residential neighborhoods. Now featuring access to the only publicly available elementary school zone map, parents can save schools and neighborhoods to their online profiles for future reference.

Highlighting Our Work

UB’s New Dean Chooses Glenham-Belhar

It’s no surprise that a published scholar like University of Baltimore’s School of Public Policy’s new Dean, Roger Hartley, would do his research when relocating to Baltimore. But the way he did it specially illustrates just how Live Baltimore’s many outreach touchpoints work in unison to cultivate new city residents.

Roger’s introduction to Live Baltimore came in the form of a City Living Kit, purchased by University of Baltimore (UB) and delivered to him as part of his recruiting package. Getting a City Living Kit was “extremely exciting and useful,” says Roger.

But Live Baltimore’s work wasn’t done there. Despite UB’s organizational support, many individuals Roger met during the hiring process told him, “You cannot live in the city,” or “I would not raise my child in the city.”

“As a leader of a University in downtown Baltimore, it was important to me to say with authority that I live in the city,” shares Roger. “[Additionally,] for me, family life is determined by how much time I’m going to spend on the road.”

And that meant finding a home close enough to UB’s Mid-Town Belvedere campus that Roger could shoot home for dinner and back to the office for an evening meeting—something he claims would not be possible with a home outside of the city.

Determined to live in town, Roger turned to for a more detailed investigation of city neighborhoods. And, as father of a young son, he logged on at the perfect time—just as Live Baltimore’s “Way to Stay” School Profiles became available. By looking at featured public schools and cross-checking their zoned neighborhoods, Roger was encouraged to examine areas he otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

Before exploring the website, Roger thought he’d end up in Bolton Hill, Canton, or Roland Park — the only places he had friends or other connections. “We honestly never would have found Hamilton-Lauraville without Live Baltimore—not in a million years,” Roger shares.

From his narrowed list of top neighborhoods, Roger reached out to Neighborhood Know-It-Alls featured on Live Baltimore’s website. “The Know-It-Alls rock! People were competing for us!” says Roger.

Ultimately Live Baltimore helped Roger find Pam Wallace of Hamilton-Lauraville Healthy Neighborhoods (whose personal tour did wonders for his view of the region). With his focus narrowed on the northeast, Roger used our “Way to Stay” Family Organizations link to connect with HL Sprouts (the Hamilton-Lauraville area parent group.)

Recommendations he received there led to a local real estate agent who brought the family to their new home in Glenham-Belhar. (And, although the Hartleys ultimately chose to enroll in private school, Roger credits the affordability of Glenham-Belhar with easing their decision to do so.)

Of his experience with Live Baltimore, Roger shares, “Live Baltimore is especially important to someone like me who’s starting at ground zero, wondering where do I live in this big city with so much to offer, but also with a lot of problems.”

We’re proud to be here for new recruits to Baltimore, like Roger, at businesses and institutions big and small. With City Living Kits, online resources, expert partners, unmatched Know-It-Alls, and new tools for families, we certainly have much to offer them.


Live Baltimore served 8,686 individuals in Fiscal Year 2015

Measuring Our Success

Individuals Served

Individuals served 2014
Individuals served 2015

Our focus on reaching new individuals was evident in 2015, with 58% of all customers working with us for the first time.

A 2015 snapshot of our interactions with current and prospective residents:

  • 5,008 individuals created a new profile on our website
  • 50 individuals/couples sat down with a staff member for a one-on-one conversation
  • 140 individuals/couples applied for a City Living Starts Here or Buying Into Baltimore incentive
  • 1,330 individuals attended an event:
    • 395 attended a Six O’Clock Session
    • 398 attended a City Living Starts Here Tour
    • 537 attended Buying into Baltimore

Our Customers' Demographics
in FY 2015

Live Baltimore worked with a diverse audience of current and prospective residents in 2015. Our work touched individuals in every age bracket, from each of the city’s major racial categories, and from a broad spectrum of incomes.


71% of clients in 2013 were female


Racial breakdown of clients


Age breakdown of clients

Marital Status:

Age breakdown of clients


Our clients' income in 2013
City Living Fair partner

Where did our customers come from in FY 2015?

56% of clients from Baltimore
  • 56% of the individuals we assisted lived in Baltimore City at the time they contacted us.
  • Roughly 21% were from outside the state of Maryland, including residents from 41 additional states. (Only Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming representatives were absent among our customers.)

Live Baltimore customers helped drive over $194.8 million in total home sales, across 187 distinct Baltimore City neighborhoods.

Our Customers' Home Purchases

In the first year of ownership alone, properties purchased in 2015 by Live Baltimore customers will generate more than $8.5 million in city transfer, recordation, and property tax revenues.

Where did our customers purchase homes?

Baltimore City neighborhoods map showing where customers purchased homes

Home sales in dollars

$210,000 of property tax revenue was generated from June 2013 and September 2012 Buying into Baltimore incentive awardees

As in years past, our customers included many incentive award recipients. In 2015, Live Baltimore helped to directly facilitate 76 downpayment and closing cost awards to homebuyers, through Buying Into Baltimore and City Living Starts Here events, for a total of $361,000 in combined incentive assistance.

Highlighting Our Work

Neighborhood Impact

Live Baltimore's customers' home purchases accounted for a third or more of the home sales in 16 city neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Percentage of Purchases
by Live Baltimore Customers
Heritage Crossing 100%
Forest Park Golf Course 50%
Gay Street 50%
Panway/Braddish Avenue 44%
Ednor Gardens-Lakeside 43%
Mount Vernon 42%
Middle East 38%
Original Northwood 38%
Woodbourne-McCabe 38%
CARE 35%
Arcadia 33%
Cylburn 33%
Dickeyville 33%
Lower Edmondson Village 33%
Sabina-Mattfeldt 33%
Seton Hill 33%

Live Baltimore’s marketing and outreach efforts had their greatest impact in Heritage Crossing, Forest Park Golf Course, Gay Street, Panway/Braddish Avenue, and Ednor Gardens-Lakeside.



FY 2015 Expenditures

2013 Expenditures

FY 2015 Funding

2013 Funding

Live Baltimore was funded through a variety of sources in 2015, including:

We rely on generous donations from individuals and corporations.
We receive grants from local and regional foundations.
We are under contract with the City of Baltimore to perform residential marking services. We are not a city department or quasi-governmental agency, but work on behalf of the city to help promote homeownership.
Marketing Partnerships
We engage in partnerships with local businesses who believe in our mission and value our connections with residents.
Earned Income
We offer merchandise for sale and charge nominal fees for our incentive-backed outreach events.


Embarking on Our Nineteenth Year

2015 brought new initiatives to life and highlighted incredible opportunities for 2016. As Live Baltimore embarks on our new fiscal year, we’re rising to meet the needs of our ever-evolving city.

Growing Our Team
Thanks to increased funding, Live Baltimore is poised to welcome two new staff positions to our team of professional city lovers in FY 2016. A Resident Outreach Manager will come on board to support Way to Stay’s resident retention efforts, while an Administrative Assistant will augment the abilities of all program staff.
Funding Our Future
With a nod to the success of FY 2014’s Sweet Sixteen, FY 2016 will feature the inaugural Baltimore’s Birthday Bash fundraiser. This new annual event will celebrate our city’s incorporation, while providing an additional opportunity for individual and corporate Live Baltimore sponsorship.
Incorporating New Technology
In the spirit of “always improving,” Live Baltimore will again make changes to its homebuying incentive events based on feedback from attendees and partners. City Living Starts Here will include self-paced walking tours for the first time in FY 2016, thanks to a new collaboration with Guide by Cell.®
Facilitating Connections
While work with Baltimore City’s Police Department started long before FY 2015’s unrest, FY 2016 will usher in an even greater commitment to spreading city life love to young officers. Live Baltimore will organize and sponsor “Pizza in the Precinct,” a recurring event intended to increase Baltimore City residency among our police force.

Live Baltimore Supporters

Thank you to our FY 2015 individual, corporate, and foundation supporters.

“As a high school teacher I think very intentionally about my philanthropy. I don’t have the capacity to give much—so when I do give I make sure it is to organizations that make a large impact. And that’s why I am proud to give to Live Baltimore. The core of Live Baltimore’s work is to increase residency in our city. With an expanded tax base we will be able to provide more opportunities and more resources for our young people. That’s a mission I think everyone can get behind.”

J.D. Merrill, Baltimore City College


  • 1st Mariner Bank
  • Pres Adams
  • AJ Billig and Co., Auctioneers
  • At Media
  • Douglass Austin
  • Robert Aydukovic
  • Barbara Aylesworth
  • Tiffany Balkaran
  • Baltimore Collegetown Network
  • Gregory Baranoski
  • Michael & Caitlin Cross-Barnet
  • Carolyn & Allen Baron
  • Laurie Benner
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  • Christi Crist
  • Robert & Judy Dawson
  • Barbara Dent
  • Jo Anne Drummond
  • Beth Ann Dulin
  • Daniel Dupree
  • Gigi Eggers
  • Clausen Ely, III
  • Ernst &Young LLP
  • Lisa Evans
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  • Jerrett Hansen & Laura Ingersol
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  • Impact Hub
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Allison Pendell Jones
  • Venroy July
  • Susan Katz
  • Laurie Latuda Kinkel & Carl Kinkel
  • Elizabeth Koontz
  • Rachel Kruer
  • Jeff LaNoue & Malindi Lankatilleke
  • Joyce Leviton
  • Ruth Louie
  • Melissa Mackiewicz
  • Bethan McGarry
  • J.D. Merrill
  • Jayne Miller
  • Annie & Michael Milli
  • Andrew Molchan
  • Nicholas Mongelluzza
  • Jennifer Morris
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  • Betsy & David Nelson
  • Christopher Nunn
  • Mr & Mrs. D.W. Wells Obrecht
  • Tom Orth
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  • Lynn Wintriss
  • Elliot Zulver & Sally Gold

We would like to thank donors who gave in multiple ways this year (marked with a ) as well as those who wish to remain anonymous.

Driving Live Baltimore’s mission through the streets of Baltimore City and beyond: an extra special thank you goes out to those who purchased “I City Life” license plates this year!

  • Etta Bates
  • Brian Dinardo
  • Damien Edmonds
  • Kristin Fulwood
  • Barbara Hoblitzell
  • Laurie Latuda Kinkel
  • Jill Lemke
  • Charles Mansfield
  • Seanna Parshley
  • Ilesh Patel
  • Christine Polillo
  • Andrew Stone
  • Stacie Tobin

Corporate and Foundation Supporters

  • Aegon Transamerica Foundation
  • The Goldseker Foundation
  • Venable LLP
  • Wells Fargo Foundation

"As a lifelong Baltimore resident, I'm grateful for the work that Live Baltimore does to support city living. Baltimore is a product of its people, and Live Baltimore does an amazing job showing off our city to our newest residents.”

Ben Hyman, Executive Director, Pigtown Mainstreet

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed it incorrectly, please accept our apologies and notify us of the error.

Your support is growing Baltimore City.

Live Baltimore


Executive Director
Steven Gondol
Director of Operations
Julie French
Employer Outreach Manager
Liz Koontz
Marketing Director
Annie Milli
Business Relationship Manager
Vacant at Time of Publication
Customer & Events Manager
Ross Hackett
Resident Outreach Manager
Kim Wiggins
Administrative Assistant
Devan Southerland

Board of Directors

Stacie Tobin
Venable LLP
Chris Thomaskutty
Mercy Health Services
Eben Hansel
Ballard Spahr, LLP
Jennifer Blois Vitelkites
Ernst & Young LLP
David Troy
Lance Johnson
First Mariner Bank
Immediate Past President
Darlene Brannigan Smith, Ph.D.
Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore
  • Pres Adams, Impact Hub Baltimore
  • Eric Fenton, The Bozzuto Group
  • Ned Filipovitz, Transamerica
  • Venroy July, Hogan Lovells US LLP
  • Susan B. Katz, The Growth Coach
  • Laurie Latuda Kinkel, Goldseker Foundation
  • Kristen Campbell McGuire, Baltimore Collegetown Network
  • Jennifer Mielke, Johns Hopkins University
  • Ramal Moreland, M&T Bank
  • Marianne Navarro, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office
  • Stephen Ruckman, Johns Hopkins University
  • Denise Taylor, Baltimore City Public Schools

* Board of Directors as of December 2015 (date of publication)

This report was compiled by Live Baltimore and reflects Fiscal Year 2015 (July 2014–June 2015). Live Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland. A copy of our current financial statement is available upon request from our office. Financial documents and information about Live Baltimore submitted to the State of Maryland under the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act are available from the Office of the Secretary of State for the cost of copying and postage. Copies of our federal tax returns (known as Form 990) may be found at

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